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  • Still using 2D to try to explain running? Not with Trace 3D!
  • Provide tremendous value in your reports without wasting your time making them!  We have detailed reports generated in < 30 seconds.
  • Is reliability and validity important to you?  We use Gold Standard 3D Technology and high speed optical cameras.
Find Out How Trace 3D Works

Gold Standard 3D

Marker Based systems are the best source for accurate and reliable data


No need for dedicated lab space, get 3D capabilities in almost any location

No PhD Needed

Get critical information to analyze and improve running gait without needing a PhD in Biomechanics

Purchasing the Trace 3D camera system was a complete game changer for my Precision Running Academy.  I can now provide a state of the art analysis and give precise feedback to my clients. Physicians are referring patients specifically to me for treatments using the system.  Trace 3D is far and away the best system I have seen and used. 
John Duncombe DPT, OCS, CIMT, CSCS, USATF Level 1

Getting Started is Easy

We Include Everything You Need!

The Hardware


3 Motion Capture Cameras 

Mounting Tripod

Carrying Case

2D Camera

Reflective Markers

Marker Straps

Marker Stickers



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The Software

User Friendly

Lifetime Updates

3D Running Analysis Protocol

Available 3D Biking Protocol

Customizable reports (Ready in seconds!)

50+ Data Points (Exportable)

Live Biofeedback


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The Community

Online Resources

Live Tech Support

Online Community

Case Series Examples

Business Model Support

Marketing Support

Training Videos




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Immediate Data

Clients can understand running with immediate data and pictures that match.


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