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Over years of practice, we learned how to make Trace 3D Gait Analysis a success.  Now it's time for your business thrive and for your runners to succeed.  We'll teach you how through our course, Blue Print to Profitable Gait Analysis.  

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Our average customer using Trace 3D is seeing revenue of $4,000 - $6,000/month* from runners getting gait analyses.  

*Typical customer value of $1,000 - 1,500


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"The gait analysis was unlike any other gait analysis I have ever done. The process is super easy to go through and I learned valuable insight into my stride. I got in depth key running metrics and an actionable plan going forward from the analysis. I was pretty confident in my gait going in but once I did the analysis I found out some huge weaknesses that I need to work on. The staff is super knowledgeable and creates a custom plan to improve the stride of every type of runner. I am excited to continue to work with them and improve the weaknesses in my stride to get the extra couple of percent performance boost."

Connor Winter
Team Tinman Elite

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